Asics has been making fine running and sneaker shoes since 1949, and have been available in the United States since 1977. They are well designed,wear well on children,and hold up under the pressure’s a child can put on a shoe.


Velcro for younger ones

When did you learn to tie your shoes? If your child hasn’t,we have a wide selection of velcro tie shoes for kids that just want to slip on their shoes and go, this is the ‘pre’ collection, which features velcro enclosures with simulated laces.

Athletic Tie shoes for the young athlete, or playground enthusiast

When your child can tie their own shoes, consider an Asics. They are outstanding athletic shoes with a runner in mind. They feature a 10mm drop from heel to toe and come in  a variety of colors and designs. 

Adult sizes and styles

Here at Hennie McPennie, we strive to serve the customers we see everyday, including their parents. To this end, we’ve begun to carry a limited supply of adult sized shoes and hope to care more in the future.