About Us

Although we opened for business on January 24th, 2013, we started working on our shoe store months before in 2012. It took an enormous amount of work to plan and execute our vision, but when we opened we were satisfied with what we created: a fun place for children to come shop for shoes and now toys at reasonable prices located on Mercer Island. So far the response has been nothing but positive. Throughout our first year, we’ve been building up our inventory and now feel we have a shoe for nearly everyone.

Aside from servicing our Mercer Island friends and neighbors, the other reason we opened our store is to help support the local community. We are currently partners with the Mercer Island Peak, and the Mercer Island Preschool Association, with members of both receiving various benefits for shopping at out store.

We are also strong supporters of local businesses. Whenever possible, we purchase our home products and store products from businesses that are locally based and locally run. Businesses like Island Books, Studio 904, Mercer Island Florist, Phobulous, Veloce bicycle shop, or Roberto’s are all local people who deserve your business more than the ‘big guys’. Shop local, your community depends on it, and if we can’t find shoes for you in our store or on our website, we will find some in our various catalogs and order them until we find the best shoe of your life.

Thanks for your business, or at least giving us a try,
Hennie McPennie