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Going to a birthday party? Stop by and pick up the gift of one of our quality toys!


At Hennie McPennie, a locally owned, locally run Mercer Island company, we strive to provide the finest customer service and the finest shoes available for little feet, as well as feet up to a size 7. This is why many of the brands we carry are endorsed by the Medical Podiatry association, which means the shoes are designed with growing feet in mind, and how shoes affect growing feet. 


 Finally, we try the shoe on based on the size we measured. Many stores will stop there, tell you it looks good, and sell you the shoe, regardless of whether it fits or not. Every manufacturer builds their shoe differently. As a result, it’s very important to put the shoe on your child’s foot. For this reason, we don’t sell our shoes online. At Hennie McPennie, we guarantee you this: If we don’t like the way a shoe fits your child, either due to the manufacturer or the unique shape of your child’s foot, we will not let you buy the shoe. This we guarantee to you, our customer. So please come visit, feel free to look around, feel free to get fitted, do not feel pressured to buy a shoe today, but please enjoy the unique experience Hennie McPennie has to offer.


We’ve got toys from great brands from Calico Critters, Green Toys, even pick up sticks and other retro toys. Click on the Toys tab to view a gallery! 


We start by measuring your child’s foot with a ‘genuine brannock device’. This device was invented in 1926 to measure not only the length of a foot, but also the width of the foot and the length of the arch, which are all factors in putting the right sized shoe on your child’s foot. This device has not been improved upon in 83 years. Second, we let you and your child choose what shoe best fits their personality or what they are trying to accomplish with the shoe. It could be a playground shoe, a sneaker, a mary jane,a flat, or a soccer or baseball cleat.